“An array of captivating special effects... Beau Jest’s inventions are brilliant.” - Boston Herald


“It is difficult to imaging any solution which is going to please everyone — or meet all of the theatrical dictates of the play — but this "Ubu" manages to be both funny and political, rude but not heartless... by making Ma and Pa Ubu somewhat sympathetic. Though cruel and gross, they are Rabelasian rather than repulsive.”

- South End News

“Pointed absurdity... the masks and puppets are wonderfully rendered. Don Dinicola’s music is effectively dissonant and moody.”

- Boston Globe

“The troupe's imaginative movement work is splendid, as usual.”

- Patriot Ledger

"'Ubu Roi' was quite sensational. The show was an absolute pleasure.”

- Bart Roccobarton, Eugene O’Neill Theater Center