“The Beau Jest production dovetails a powerful rendition of Williams’s grotesque vision of life as a Darwinian slaughterhouse with a surprising amount of tenderness, even lyrical finesse.” - Bill Marx. TheArtsFuse

jordan harrison

Winner, Independent Reviewers of New England (IRNE) Award

“The Remarkable Rooming House of Madame LeMonde” is a twisted tea party you won’t forget. Brutally funny and outrageously rude, this is a goldmine for Tennessee Williams scholars...”

- StageSource

“Hall’s rancid Music Hall routine amuses because Larry Coen sprinkles the broad blue farce with moments of self-conscious sadism. Robinson has found an ingenious way to solve what looks like an impossible problem posed by the script: how do you have Mint jump from hook to hook throughout the show? Jordan Harrison makes the figure more than a sad pitiful wretch by giving the character a stubborn sense of dignity, a ludicrous but touching resilience. Lisa Tucker invests Madame Le Monde with firecracker command. Rafael Jaen’s terrific costumes evoke the ironic paradoxes of Williams’s surreal but lethal world.”

- Bill Marx, TheArtsFuse

For tickets: Provincetown Tennessee Williams Theatre Festival