An Evening of Scenes, Monologues and Ephemera

8 and a half
8 1/2

A playful original production (with apologies to Fellini), "8 1/2" was conceived of as a get-back-to-our roots project. "8 1/2" is simply the number of weeks the show will take to rehearse; no theme, no script, just some of our favorite actors getting together to dance, sing, write, and devlop a new potpourri show guaranteed to be worth the low ticket price we will charge. This one is just for fun, and will feature the current Beau Jest ensemble (Jay Bragan, Elyse Garfinkel, Heather O'Brien, Davis Robinson, Andy Shulman, and Lisa Tucker) plus the return of Lauren Hallal, as well as Phil Smith, Mimi Jo Katano and Larry Coen. One week only.

- The Beau Jest Telegram