"A trip to THE LAST RESORT is one well worth taking... In the hands of another seamless Beau Jest ensemble,
it's one trip you won't soon forget" - Boston Herald

"What's wonderful about the production, besides the sharp dialogue, is that the myriad characters (all played by the six-member cast) are so well-defined and three-dimensional... One of the cleverest is the pair of raccoons who enjoy the hotel's garbage... Best of all, with one-tenth of the budget of big Broadway shows, Beau Jest finds some real humanity in the denizens of "The Last Resort"."

- Boston Herald

"Larry Coen is especially funny as the disgruntled leader of the wait staff (and as a skittish raccoon)... and Lisa Tucker effectively underplays her role as a regular guest dealing with a major loss."

- Boston Phoenix

"Robert Deveau contributes a solid dose of pained bumbling, Mimi Jo Katano expresses the psychic dislocation that shadow's one of the show's two faces. The other face... belongs largely to the comically gifted Larry Coen."

- Boston Globe

"BEST SMALL THEATER OF 1999: Beau Jest proved that a work written improvisationally by committee can be coherent and engaging... [making] pungent metaphor out of commonplace circumstances."

- Boston Globe